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September 8, 2009
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Fakemon - Electivolt by Omegaro Fakemon - Electivolt by Omegaro
Here's my first attempt at making a fake pokemon. (which is ironic, since I'm a huge pokemon fan and I should have done this by now. :XD:) But yeah, this guy is called Electivolt - the Thunder God.

Being a "Legendary" Evolution (inspired by :iconesepibe:'s contest,) Electivolt was the aftereffect of a horrible Team Rocket experiment. Causing an Electivire to forcible mutate.

Legend of Electivolt

"A year later, after the Lake of Rage incident in the Johto region, the remnants of shattered Team Rocket was scheming once again on a new experiment. An experiment that could finally give them the force they needed to take control over the pokemon saturated world once again. Putting all of their resources into this one last attempt at revival, Team Rocket began the testing. At first it was simple experimentation on the effects of evolution. Analyzing the effects of personality, behavior, and general living patters. At first they would continue to force evolve pokemon to get them to their true potential and beyond; however, the experiments were missing one key component. They needed the power of life. After the numerous subjects were tested, they would have increase status across the charts, sadly the effects soon wore off and abnormalities would arise. Eventually the subjects died off entirely.
After months of failed experimentation, Team Rocket came to the realization. They were trying to infuse pokemon with artificial energy to evolve and enhance, but the body of the subjects refused this outsource unnatural energy. After more analysis, Team Rocket came to the realization that in order to be successful, they needed natural power, power that only came from pokemon themselves. They heard of such testing being done by a former scientist known simply as ZERO. He had created such a machine that could harness the power of a legendary pokemon and be transferred into a machine. Team Rocket knew this was the technology they needed. If ZERO could transfer the might of a legendary to a machine, what could stop the machine from duplicating the power and transferring it to many pokemon?

Team Rocket searched for this ZERO, but found out he committed suicide in the prison he was held in. However they found ties to another scientist that mentored ZERO and taught him everything he knew. They searched and captured this man. Using various ' persuasion ' techniques, they got him to corporate. Six months later, the machine was completed....

They used the DNA samples from Mewtwo to power the machine, however since its artificial nature it proved futile. It just wouldn't be the same. So Team Rocket set out to find a legendary power filled with surplus amounts of energy. They set their sights on the legendary trio of Johto.

Two months later they successfully captured the elusive Raikou - the beast of thunder. Using the machine they drained Raikou of his power, eventually killing it in the process. Discarding the elegant creature, Team Rocket began their final experiment. They began infusing the life energy into a group of pokemon.

The first test group consisted of pokemon from all types. Ghost, fire, grass, rock, psychic, dragon, fighting and the such. 3 pokemon from all types. All crammed into one space, one sealed room. The pokemon had no idea what was about to happen.

Team Rocket had everything set. They created the machine, they captured and drained their energy source, they found perfect specimens of pokemon of all types. They had the perfect experimental conditions met. All that was left was to push the button to start the risk filled concoction.

3... All the hopes and dreams of Team Rocket...

2... All the resources and financial aid of the criminal underworld...

1...All the plans from their departed commander...



The room was filled with a blazing light. To call it bright would be unfulfillable to the glorious brilliance of the cascading spectral. Every color of the rainbow flashed, every sense of temperature blazed, every sense man could feel were being pleasured. and at the same time tortured. It was an experience like none could imagine. Horrible and exciting all at the same time. What seemed like hours were only seconds, and the process was complete. They Team Rocket scientist looked down and saw what they had done. Every pokemon seemed lifeless. Lying cold on the cement ground of the chamber below the observation room from which the scientist reside.

In a state of confusion and shock, the scientists demanded for attention to their subjects to see if any survived. Rocket grunts cover the room gathering the unconscious pokemon and taking them to the labs. The scientist followed.

The next day. All but two pokemon survived the test. A lone Zangoose and Electivire. The two pokemon already had begun a strange mutation. They looked the same except for a strange glow that emitted from their bodies. Their vital were also well above normal. It wasn't possible for normal pokemon of their species to live in their states, but somehow they seemed perfectly stable, perfectly content.

Two days passed when the Zangoose, or what had become of the Zangoose, had escaped. The Female Zangoose had mutated into a new evolved form that was never seen before. However it couldn't be contained. It escaped as soon as it reached consciousness. The Electivire though was different. It changed into a new much larger form. It's form in fact was more than 3 times it's original size, and it broke out of its containment cell much sooner than the Zangoose escaped. However, unlike the Zangoose. The New electric pokemon did not try to escape. It just sat there, fully conscious, fully aware of what happened, fully content. It felt no need to escape. It new with its new find powers it could freely do whatever it pleased. But something in it wanted to be there.

So Team Rocket was successful. They created a new species of pokemon using the might and powers of a pokemon god. The electivire no longer existed. It was now replaced by this ungodly being that knew no limits. Every time it walked along the ground it would sent jolts of electricity through the floor. Team rocket tested the might of this beast. He was stronger, faster, and more powerful than anything they had seen before. It even conquered its weakness to ground types. Being able to fully electrocute them in a single blast. However to help contain this new pokemon's awesome might, they created a belt that absorbed his power that he let off naturally. Thus giving him full control of his power. The new pokemon, the new weapon, the new path to team rockets return was in this new being, was in Electivolt.

But even with this new powerful deity under Team Rockets command, what became of the Zangoose. Electivolt wondered what became of it's companion that suffered the same transformation. Electivolt became determined to find it's friend. It's one true equal. Thus Electivolt escaped after a simple month of residency from Team Rocket. He wanted to find more. However, Team Rocket was determind this being was the key to everything they hoped for, so the chase was set. Zangoose was followed by Electivolt, and Electivolt was chased by Team Rocket. While the rest of the world was in the fog of ignorance. Never once knowing what Team Rocket had done, never knowing what they had unleashed unto the world..."
To be Continued

Alrighty, there's my short little tale of how this fake pokemon came into existence. Just another Team Rocket experiment gone... uh right. :XD:

Electivolts Pokedex entry:
Electivolt was an experiment conducted by Team Rocket using the power of the legendary Raikou. He is so powerful, it's said he can decimate even ground types with electricity.

This is my first draft for the contest :iconesepibe: is running, however I'm not sure this is the picture of Electivolt I want to submit. This one is kinda stoic in stance due to the fact that this was drawn to help me with his design. Now that I have it down, I can draw Electivolt showing his true power. Heck, the story itself is kinda rough around the edges too, so I'll have to refine that as well. :D But yeah, comment on what ya like and what ya don't (although I doubt I'll change anything. I love the design as is. :XD:)

(Pokemon/Elekid/Electibuzz/Electivire/Zangoose/TeamRocket/Pokedex Copyright Nintendo/Game Freak)
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DarthHelios Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
God, this scares me, but in a GOOD way
DARKLORD98 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
you really should make a fakemon game with other fakemon makers in this website dude that thing is wicked (in a good way) for real
Artworkryu Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
It look cool! Are you gonna draw "The Female Zangoose had mutated into a new evolved form that was never seen before" art?
JONATELLODRAWER Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Student General Artist
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A very strong interesting idea. Taking the power from Raikou and transferring it into this pokemon. i woudnt say i like the design much but the idea it is something different. similiar to how Zero stole Giratina's power but i must say this is something of an impressiveness. an evolution that can beat its own weaknesses with some ease

Still the story and description are. well fairly moderately good in some sences the name is fine too

Best of luck with any future projects
Omegaro Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2010
I drew him again a few months later after this picture. [link]
This makes him look much better. haha
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well not by that much but yes i did view that one too. but what about this paticular Zangoose that evolved along with this? sounds like something to see
chulilulu Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
Is how Digimon.
Omegaro Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
haha, yeah. I could see that.
Jackoman Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
I don't exactly know how you didn't win.

I really don't.
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